Technical Features

- Capacity of 4 m³.
- Electric panel controlled by display to direct the drum for the loading, unloading and usage of water incorporation.
- Drum of 3/16” steel sheet and 1045 quality.
- Mixing palettes with superior 1045 steel reinforcements to avoid premature wear over the edges.
- Epicyclic drum support reducer driven through hydraulic transmission.
- Auxiliary MWM motor of 4 cylinders and 70 hp.
- Water tank of 600 l with electric flowmeter.
- Hydraulic transmission of variable flow with full hydraulic circuit and attachment to auxiliary motor.
- 1045 steel sheet loading funnel, steering channel and three sections gutter.
- Tubular structure chassis and supports of folded sheet.
- Double paint and anti-rust agent of polyurethane base.
- Electric panel with temperature control, oil pressure and start key.
- Assembly on truck able to support 13000 kg over the chassis.

Main Benefits

- Ideal supplement to TM30 batching plants line to work in 4 m3 cycles (maximum plant capacity per cycle.)
- Balanced weight distribution per axes.
- Regulatory capacity.
- Minor motor investment with easy driving maneuverability and reduced costs of consumables (tyres, fuel, etc.)
- Extensive access possibilities to hard to reach places and countries.
- Possibility to use standard trucks with more power than 120 cv.
- In short distances, the loading time of two TECNUS MT4 is reduced up to a third in comparison to an 8 m³ mixer.