Technical Features

- Hopper/scale of aggregates built in 3/1" sheet and 1010 steel with three independent driving compartments through a pneumatic system, with a capacity of 10000 kg of aggregates, able to dose up to 4 m³ per each batch. Entirely mounted on high quality load cells.
- Anti-skidding conveyor of 24" to carry the material to the charge of the mixer/truck mixer with a three-phase motor of 10 hp and a swing reducer.
- Scale for cement with a capacity of 3000 kg mounted on load cells of excellent quality.
- Cement screw conveyor to the mixer of 220 mm of diameter and 8000 mm long.
- Water system consisting of: tank of 900 l capacity, water pump of 3 cv, with shut-off and non-return valve. Reading system through a flowmeter that sends impulses of 11/2".
- Conveying system consisting of an axis of 3000 kg capacity, tyres 215/80/16, regulatory system of lights and locking pin.
- Pneumatic system made of a power compressor of 4 cv of proven quality, regulatory filter and system lubricator, electrovalves and pneumatic cylinders of high quality.
- Automatic electric/electronic dashboard with loading capacity of different formulas, control system for dosage, production and batch input run through a central panel.

Main Benefits

- This plant has a hopper/scale with a weighing system through load cells in any of its intervening scales (aggregates and cement.) Because of having this system, the plant runs by proportions, it always starts the cycle with the materials to batch; but only when all the elements are loaded it allows the pre-set cycle to begin.
- It has an automatic system which registers formulas and cycles of up to 4 m³.
- The cement system can work with more than one size of bags or with a 4 m long screw with silo, fixed or portable.
- The installation is extremely simple. Using a loader, it takes 2 hs of assembly and the base just requires simple compacting since the weigh distributed in each leg is of only 4 kg/cm².
- The loading height to the hopper/scale of aggregates is of 2.7 m. So theoretically, access ramps would not be required. However, it is recommended a 50 cm ramp on each of the three loading sides.
- TM30 is developed for certain types of construction, with the possibility of transforming it in a processing plant by placing our mixing module with 1 m³ truck mixers. This module enables the plant to be used to load mixers (hoppers) or ready-mixed concrete (processing plant) in tippers, dump trucks, productive systems, concrete buckets, etc.


A storehouse or base from 500 m³ to 100 km should count with a significant number of truck mixers, taking into account what this implies (fuel, tyres, employee, underperformance, mechanical wear of the unit, etc.) But with the TM30, the plant would be assembled with only one mixer, one loader of small bucket and one or two operators, in case it would be necessary to break some bags to speed the process along. This would in turn translate in a first-rate service in the construction site and with increased profit.