Technical Features

- Capacity: 65 tn (46 m³).
- SAE 1010 of ⅛” steel structure and internal reinforcements.
- Carrier frame designed and built for such purpose.
- Transportation system: 3” square drive, 215/80/16 tyres, elastic suspension and regulatory lights system.
- Gravity discharge to a horizontal screw conveyor.
- Power and control panel in IP 65 leak-tight cabinet of proven quality materials and electrical interlock to the automatic board of the batching plant.
- Standard cement gate of 3,5” of diameter.

Main Benefits

- Simple to assemble, great manoeuvrability, and fast dismantling.
- Individual fluidizing system to each unloading mouth to the horizontal screw.
- Dynamic unloading to the screw conveyor, run by a 10 hp 950 rpm motor.
- Standard locking pin for transport vehicle.
- Suitable for cement tank in every type of construction site, bulk cargo and economization of unloading costs.
- No foundations required for its assembly.